• WMC 2019 new match date!

      19:00 By viPer
      Due to the admins real life busyness, we have to postpone the “WMC 2019” one week. The new match date is March 3rd, the deadline for registration is March 1st 24:00 CET. Submitted registrations are valid, you don’t have to repeat it. You can sign up here Stay tuned for Read More »
    • Winter Mix Cup 2019 Mappack

      08:23 By viPer
      We present you the mappack for the WMC 2019! You can download it here -> https://trackmaniastars.org/index.php/download/winter-mix-cup-2019-mappack/ Thank you for the mappers! We have public server: WMC 2019 Enjoy! 🙂 Read More »
    • RPG Nightcup 19

      11:59 By Chocolleight
      Hey guys! Lets get ready to have another RPG Nightcup! This time around on the 19th edition we’re going to be playing another sorrow’s map specialy made for this event : “Inside the vivid plateau” https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/158100 The Cup will be held on Saturday the 16th of Febuary at 19:00 CEST Here Read More »
    • Winter Mix Cup 2019

      18:50 By viPer
      The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars is organizing a Solo Cup on 23-24th February where everyone from the globe is welcome to take part. Winter Mix Cup 2019 will use mixed style tracks with parts of tech, dirt and fullspeed. UPDATE: The new match date is March 3rd<, the deadline for Read More »
    • CPS 20 is done!

      00:05 By Runaway
      We come to a close of yet another successful season of CPS, filled with changes and excitement and a prize pool! Here we bring you a recap of this years CPS season! Competiton Premiership 20 With Premier League being filled from TMO rankings for the first time in CPS history, Read More »