Welcome to TrackmaniaStars!

What is TrackmaniaStars?

As you know, the Trackmania staff of the Electronic Sports League left their platform for different reasons. In order to make valuable changes to our needs, we needed to look after something else, where we can fully control our work, also to reach out towards new possibilities. In this first post, we will introduce our starting project to you, what you can expect compared to ESL.



Currently we have Runaway and Zare for tech, Rasque for fullspeed, and Chocolleight for RPG, but we would like to build up a similar admin crew so we could cover whatever is important to you, and also fits to the manpower we have.

TrackmaniaStars is open to any version/environment of we know as Trackmania, also we are open to make sections for national subpages and cups. That is why we need your assistance and looking forward to anyone who feels so, to contribute and apply for TMStars admin!

Our new site

Many of us had problems and annoyances with the complexity of the ESL website. This time we would like to make our home which fits the best for making Trackmania tournaments. Some features:

  • Dedicated pages for different leagues
  • Using Toornament widgets
  • Map uploads directly to the site in any category you choose
  • Support system
  • Forum
  • Possibility to make subportals and organize cups for smaller communities
  • Opening towards blogging, newsing, covering anything happening in Trackmania
  • and hopefully many more…

Some dedicated pages are still to come.

Tournaments we keep

What we started on ESL, are to be kept on TrackmaniaStars. This means we would like to push all the premierships (CPS, SPS, etc.), SNC, Yolo cups, Scrim wars, RPG cups, etc. The only surely planned championship currently is the Competition Premiership Season 20, which takes place from November 2018. Until then, we will also organize other tournaments as well.

Projects we keep

There were several projects we started on ESL, which we would like to continue.

  • Soon, to update the Competition Titlepack with replaced logos and signs
  • A bit later, some new elements to add to its blocks
  • To give a push to its Campaign (Solo mode)

Why this name?

The name was chosen because of reasons, the details will come in a later news!

We hope we can make this place a good place for everyone. The page will be still developed, but sometime we have to publish it, and this is the time!

Kind regards,

Your TMStars crew


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  1. .skadi says:

    Great news, good luck boys 🙂

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