15 years of Trackmania Anniversary Race

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars is organizing a race for the 15th anniversary of Trackmania, where everyone from the globe is welcome to take part and win some goodies from NADEO! Read on for more info.

As you can read in the official NADEO announcement, it has been 15 years (exactly on 21st November 2003) since the first Trackmania game has been released. Many of us, who experienced the taste of this crazy game, have great memories and events in our hearts.

To use this opportunity, on 21st of November this year, a race will be held, in Trackmania 2 Stadium Competition Titlepack.

The map to play will be a mixed style multilap with parts of tech, dirt and fullspeed (approx 2-3 minutes long), created by Hungarian fellows Spetyka, Gantal, Makaróni. The map will be released before, so you will be able to train on it. You will eb notified about the map release.

Mode: Laps (15)

Start: 21.11.2018 20:00 CET

There is no need to register, just be on the server in time. A password will be added at 20:00 and the race will start!

The top 3 players are to be rewarded with some NADEO goodies.

See you on this race with the Hungarian community!



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  1. viPer says:


    Name: 15th TM Anniversary by TMStars

    URL: maniaplanet://#join=tm2viper@esl_comp@lt_forever

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