CPS 20 is done!

We come to a close of yet another successful season of CPS, filled with changes and excitement and a prize pool! Here we bring you a recap of this years CPS season!

Competiton Premiership 20

With Premier League being filled from TMO rankings for the first time in CPS history, we stumbled across some highly interesting groups, with the last two spots being filled from the Qualifiers! The rest were sorted in the Open Leagues according to their placement. 

Already in the first couple of Matchweeks we saw some upsets, some favourites dropping down and some teams exceeding expectations which all promised to have highly exciting final rounds of Groupstage and later in the Playoffs and Relegations!

Top 2 spots in Premier League were secured by Elementaries and MnM Gaming Main from group A and Runtime and Planetkey Dynamics from Group B – with that advancing to Playoffs where they would face each other for the CPS 20 title!

In this season we brought back something that was used some time ago – Relegations. That meant that the last team from higher division would face the top placed team from lower division for the promotion! In Open League 1 that were NoLimit Trackmania and  THE Orange that clawed their way into Premier League next season having beaten both of the insects teams that will go for it again next season!

In the Playoffs, Elementaries would go up against Planetkey Dynamics and have just fallen short of reaching the Grand Final whereas on the other side MnM Gaming Main have gone up against Runtime managing to secure the second spot in the Grand Final!

In the third place match Elementaries have defeated Runtime having won the NADEO goodies as well as Planetkey Dynamics who lost out in the Grand Final to MnM Gaming Main that have won 160 euros, sponsored by NADEO!

Final standings are as followed:

1.MnM Gaming Main

2. Planetkey Dynamics

3. Elementaries

4. Runtime

Some of the changes we introduced will stick around, while some will be removed or changed. With that in mind:
– Guest driver rule is removed.
– Qualification will stay and will be played for OL3 and below. To reach Premier League, Open Leagues 1 and 2, you will have to play Relegation.
– We are thinking of expanding League to more teams, for more information on that, stay tuned!

The #feedback section is now opened. Please do keep in mind to keep it short. No discussions are allowed – for that use either #general or #offtopic. Team PPs have been resetted.

To end it with, we would like to thank NADEO for providing us with the goodies and prize pool for our 20th anniversary and to all of you, that took part in this seasons CPS! We sincerely hope that you enjoyed playing it and that you will return in the next season!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may the bugs be ever in you favor!

TMStars Admin Team

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