Winter Mix Cup 2019

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars is organizing a Solo Cup on 23-24th February where everyone from the globe is welcome to take part.
Winter Mix Cup 2019 will use mixed style tracks with parts of tech, dirt and fullspeed.


The new match date is March 3rd<, the deadline for registration is March 1st 24:00 CET.


  • Classic 1v1v1v1 until 100 points (final 120 points) + win
  • Finish timeout 10 sec

You need register this Cup. You can sign up here

Maps wanted!

You will be able to submit your tracks until 31st January

Please keep in mind for rules:

  • name: $i$000WMC$fff_name
  • no special signs in the name
  • length: 70-80 seconds
  • the same difficulty for tech, dirt and fullspeed parts
  • feel free to use the Competition TitlePack
  • mood: day
  • blockmixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving  bugs
  • the tracks were not used or sent in any competition before
  • the tracks are only known by yourself
  • use NADEO signs.

You can send us your map via the submit option on the page.

Good luck!


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