RPG Nightcup 19

Hey guys!

Lets get ready to have another RPG Nightcup!
This time around on the 19th edition we’re going to be playing another sorrow’s map specialy made for this event : “Inside the vivid plateau”


The Cup will be held on Saturday the 16th of Febuary at 19:00 CEST

Here are Nightcup quick rules :

– No signup needed.
Just join the server using the password that which will be put on “nightcup” channel of RPGTrial discord (https://discord.gg/BhyXtMF) channel at the last moment (server closed at 18:00).
– 1 week of train from Monday (11/02) to Saturday (16/02).
There will be an official server open specially for it :
– 1st round (19:00): Time Attack.
45 minutes long.
1st half is qualified for knock out.
– Quick break (10 min).
– 2nd round : Knock Out.
Depending on how many players are participating, there will be 4, 3, 2 then 1 players knocked out until we have a winner.

Good luck all !

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  1. Chocolleight says:

    1. Skandear
    2. Bensword
    3. Nano
    4. Ariana G
    5. Marius89
    6. Demos
    7. Yuke
    8. Skyzenart
    9. Hazard
    10. Masabi
    11. Dodeka
    12. Supernoob
    13. Brandom
    14. Socrato
    15. Chaoshand
    16. Lars

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