TMStars Challenge Series

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars is organizing a new Challenge Series on mixed style tracks with tech, dirt and fullspeed parts!
We hope you will enjoy this format.
2020 Spring edition is coming this April and May.



Here are some basic informations:
– Time Attack Seed: 2020.04.19.-2020.05.03.
– Playoff: 2020.05.09. 17:00/5pm CET
– Gamemode: Cup mode with Finalist
– Classic 1v1v1v1 until 100 points (final 120 points) + win
– Finish timeout 10 sec
– Respawn disabled
Registration is needed to participate in the playoff phase . You can sign up here
Join TMStars Hungary discord to get more infos.
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  1. tmstars says:

    TA SEED Servers:

    TMStars Challenge Series #1 maniaplanet://#join=rsqesl5@esl_comp@lt_forever
    TMStars Challenge Series #2 maniaplanet://#join=rsqesl2@esl_comp@lt_forever
    TMStars Challenge Series #3 maniaplanet://#join=rsqesl3@esl_comp@lt_forever


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