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TMStars in 2019

Hello TMStars!

This newspost contains some events, results and facts from previous year, a little summary of what we’ve done in 2019:

Competition Premiership Season 21

We are back for yet another season of Competition Premiership, the 21st edition!

CPS 20 is done!

We come to a close of yet another successful season of CPS, filled with changes and excitement and a prize pool! Here we bring you a recap of this years CPS season!

Competiton Premiership 20

With Premier League being filled from TMO rankings for the first time in CPS history, we stumbled across some highly interesting groups, with the last two spots being filled from the Qualifiers! The rest were sorted in the Open Leagues according to their placement. 

CPS 20 Mappack 3

We present you with the third and final Mappack that will be used for Semi-Final, Final and the Third Place match, in the following order:

CPS 20 Mappack 2

The following Mappack will be used for Matchweeks 4 and 5 and for Relegations in the following order: