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TMStars Challenge Series

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars is organizing a new Challenge Series on mixed style tracks with tech, dirt and fullspeed parts!
We hope you will enjoy this format.
2020 Spring edition is coming this April and May.



Here are some basic informations:
– Time Attack Seed: 2020.04.19.-2020.05.03.
– Playoff: 2020.05.09. 15:00/5pm CET
– Gamemode: Cup mode with Finalist
– Classic 1v1v1v1 until 100 points (final 120 points) + win
– Finish timeout 10 sec
– Respawn disabled
Registration is needed to participate in the playoff phase . You can sign up here
Join TMStars Hungary discord to get more infos.
Best regards,

TMStars Fullspeed Nightcup!

Hello guys, are you looking for more speed? If yes, then this is the perfect time to join the upcoming Fullspeed Nightcup organized by TMStars Hungary!

We are prepared with 4 fullspeed maps created by Marcell adjusted by DdariQ, viPer and WizzarD. We hope you will enjoy to driving on these maps.



Here’s what you need to know:

Date: 19th of April at 19.00 CEST.

No need to register for this cup, just join the server in time.

Password will be added at 19.00. and the cup will start.

Maps first available: 15th of April at 19.00. on the server.

Gamemode and Points limit: Cup mode with Finalist after 150 points

Points system: 12,8.6,5,4,3,2,1,1,1,etc.

Match system: 4 maps, 3 rounds per map

Finish time limit: 15 sec

Respawn disabled

Announcement video by angelhard:

Server: maniaplanet://#join=tm2viper@esl_comp@lt_forever

Best regards,

viPer and TMStars Hungary

TMStars in 2019

Hello TMStars!

This newspost contains some events, results and facts from previous year, a little summary of what we’ve done in 2019:

V. TML és MSB 2019

Augusztus 11.-én került megtartásra az 5. Magyar Trackmania LAN melynek ismét a BarCraft Buda adott helyszínt. A LAN egyben a 4 fordulós 2019. évi Magyar Solo Bajnokság utolsó fordulójaként szerepelt a naptárban, méghozzá dupla pontozással! A megelőző három forduló alapján Supra és Ricso maradt harcban a bajnoki címért. A LAN-t megelőzően 4 pálya került kiválasztásra a beérkezett 6 ból. Ez úton is köszönet minden mapkészítőnek!

Dirt Premiership Series

Dirt Premiership Series is back this September!

WMC 2019 results!

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars was glad to organize a really exciting Solo Cup. WMC 2019 was played on 8 servers and we watched more than 20 very exciting matches on 4 mixed style tracks.


WMC 2019 eredmények

Március 3.-án sikeresen lezajlott a Winter Mix Cup 2019 verseny, amely egyben a Magyar Solo Bajnokság 2019 első futama is volt. Kicsit nehezen indult, mivel több nevező játékos nem jelent meg, de az első fordulót követően mondhatni olajozottan ment minden. Összesen 8 szerveren több mint 20 mérkőzést láthattunk.