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TMStars in 2019

Hello TMStars!

This newspost contains some events, results and facts from previous year, a little summary of what we’ve done in 2019:



  • The first event in 2019 was RPG Nightcup 19 on sorrow’s special map. Top 3 ranking was: 1. Skandear 2. Bensword 3. Nano
  • Our first tournament of the year was Winter Mix Cup 2019. WMC 2019 was played on 8 servers and we were able to watch more than 20 very exciting matches on 4 mixed style tracks. It was won by Clément.
  • On the 14th of April we organized a 2h Endurance Cup,won by Marius89.
  • Shortz organized a tournament with prizes, won by DanikB.
  • The Hungarian section has organized the fifth edition of TM Hungarian LAN, won by Angelhard.
  • We announced our official signpack.
  • After a long break we organized the 5th Season of DPS. The tournament was during September & October with 20 teams and more than 150 players. We have watched 2 very close and exciting semi final matches with a decider map. The Grand Final was won by Pulse Altaïr against orKs Black.
  • We were back for another season of Competition Premiership, the 21st edition. Congratulations to Funtime who won the 21st edition. Special mentions go to THE Blue, the team played through a beautiful playoff phase by qualifying 6th in the group phase and managed to go to the Grand Final.
  • The final event from previous year was Xmas Dirt Night Cup 2019. We played on 4 unused DPS maps with MXMas Blue mod. 🙂 This fun nightcup was won by tia.

We hope you enjoyed these events and we would like to thank all of you, that took part in previous tournaments and cups. We’ll be back with the next editions of DPS and CPS this year!

Best regards,

the TMStars crew.

TMS Signpack

This time we announce our official signpack. You will have to use this signpack for the upcoming TMS events.

This signpack contains the most important direction boards, some advertiser boards with the original TMS Designs.

Special thanks to Shadey for making the signs!


Some examples:

Competition Premiership 20 – guidelines

As mentioned in the news before, this year we will have something completely new for the Premier League.

So, let’s get down to the real stuff.