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Dirt Premiership Series

Dirt Premiership Series is back this September!

After a long break, we decided to organize the 5. Season of DPS!

You can find some basic informations about the season at the bottom – stay tuned for more informations!

The DPS 5 officially starts at 22 of September with the Qualifications, and the first map will be released at 15th of September. The Qualification is going to be be played in Swiss Cup Format. The Qualification defines the teams Leagues/Divisions.

Date: 22 September – 27 October

Team: 6 to 10 players/team

Format1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 – teams

Default time: Sunday 20.00 CET


Register link: https://www.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/2689595865877037056/registration/

Maps Wanted!

You will be able to submit your maps until 13rd September!!!

Please keep the rules in mind!

  • Before the map name you MUST add „TMS – ”. Otherwise your map is going to be cancelled!
  • You can use any name for your map, except: Playername(s) and Team name(s)!
  • You are not allowed to use any special character(s).
  • You have to use the TMS Sign Pack
  • You can use decorations. (If the map is laggy, then it is going to be cancelled)
  • The map needs to be at least 55 seconds and not more then 65 seconds.
  • You HAVE TO use dirt parts only!
  • You can use the STADIUM and the COMPETITION Title Packs.
  • Try to avoid placing the checkpoints in backwards.
  • Blockmixing is allowed, if it does not have any graphical glitches or driving bugs.
  • You can use every moods, but watch out for shadows and dark paths
  • Your map MUST NOT contain GPS, OUTRO and INTRO!
  • You are not allowed to send map which was used or sent for other competitions.
  • You are not allowed to send map which was built by other Player(s)!
  • If someone finds a short-cut on your map, you have to fix it and send the fixed version to us within 2 days! (If you send us the FIXED one, then you need to add FE(Fixed Edition) to your map name!

You can send your map using the „Map Uploader” Menu.

If you have any other questions, then feel free to ask them on the DPS Discord Server! https://discord.gg/P6X9zrc

We are looking for map-testers and for a DPS Admin to help us!  If you are interested, send us a message on discord, or contact us via support!

Best regards,

your TMStars crew.

TMS Signpack

This time we announce our official signpack. You will have to use this signpack for the upcoming TMS events.

This signpack contains the most important direction boards, some advertiser boards with the original TMS Designs.

Special thanks to Shadey for making the signs!


Some examples:

Hunting Week

Hello everyone! Friday, May 3rd will be the start of a new Tournament from TMS. You will be presented with a new unknown Map and have one week to set your fastest times.

Endurance Cup

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars is organizing next mixed style event on 14th April.

WMC 2019 results!

The Hungarian section of TrackmaniaStars was glad to organize a really exciting Solo Cup. WMC 2019 was played on 8 servers and we watched more than 20 very exciting matches on 4 mixed style tracks.


WMC 2019 Schedule

The Winter Mix Cup starts today at 13:00 CET!

Round #1 – 03.03. 13:00

WMC 2019 new match date!

Due to the admins real life busyness, we have to postpone the “WMC 2019” one week. The new match date is March 3rd, the deadline for registration is March 1st 24:00 CET.

Submitted registrations are valid, you don’t have to repeat it.

You can sign up here

Stay tuned for the exact schedule, we will inform you soon. In the meantime, we wish you good practice!